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Violet Russo


About Violet Russo:

Age: 24

Astrological Sign: Taurus

Likes: Music, collecting records, skinny dipping.

Job: Musician

Sexiest Thing Ever Done: I had sex on a picnic rug under a blanket in broad daylight on a first date.

Favorite Part: My Nose!

Why Your Favorite?: Because my whole family has this nose!

Biggest Fantasy: A threesome with two adoring and sensual men.

First Sexual Experience: The boy that I had been in love with for years made me cum in the back of his car!

Last Sexual Experience: A sexy couple went down on me at the same time last Friday night ;)

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Would love to know wich country you originally come from?



amazing. no other words






The most beautiful woman I've ever seen :)



Her nose... yes, of course. But what is adorable with VR are her two large dark eyes. A look that would immediately melt an iceberg!...



You are the true definition of a gorgeous sexy woman. Your shoots are very hot. One request is for you to do a scene with Steel where she gives you a full body massage with a happy ending by fingering you to an unbelievable orgasm. Please



Beauty Incarnate



Before I saw your pix and videos I had placed Rosie at the top of my Favourites list with Ray a close second. Now I MUST place all three of you on top...a three-way tie for sexiest most desirable!!



Such a beautiful n sexy woman. A true star.



Please keep yourself hairy!!! Some women on this site are starting to trim or even shave!! NO!! Please!!



Just watched and rated ( 10 Star!!) " Spun "!! Girls just DON'T come any sexier than you,Violet!! Thanks for sharing your erotic body!! Please stay hairy!

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