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Amber Leigh


About Amber Leigh:

Age: 25

Astrological Sign: Leo

Likes: I love kink and fetish parties and play. I also love cooking and doing humanitarian volunteer work.

Job: Running my own business!

Sexiest Thing Ever Done: I am an exhibitionist. I got tied in rope and fucked by my partner in front of a club full of guests- it turned me on so much!

Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: I have done very many naughty things....I once massaged a dates balls under a table while we ate dinner at a nice restaurant- that felt pretty naughty ;)

Favorite Part: My breasts

Why Your Favorite?: They are perky, natural and responsive to pleasure!

Biggest Fantasy: I would love to have group sex where all of the men involved are worshipping me.

First Sexual Experience: It was with a man much older than me- his body was amazing! He taught me a lot- especially for my first time.

Last Sexual Experience: It was yesterday! With a HOT ripped builder- it was very raw, passionate and primal. My favorite.

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What is not to love about fresh new talent. Looking forward to this going onto more dirty play



Amber Leigh has an incredible body. I love it. What a turn on. Thank you, GOW.



Amber Leigh! Such a megababe!! <3



Love her!!!!!



Amber Leigh is amazing, you need to keep bringing her back. No excuses!

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