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Roxanne Mae

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Roxanne Mae


About Roxanne Mae:

  • Age: 29
  • Astrological Sign: Aquarius
  • Likes: Big animal lover, coffee addict, the ocean and beach make me very happy as a little water baby, love to keep active and really enjoy working out and yoga.
  • Job: Barista
  • Sexiest Thing Ever Done: I love dressing up in sexy outfits for people and once on a weekend away with an ex I bought some new lacey red and black lingerie and got him blindfolded on the bed while I changed into it and then got myself on top of him before removing the blindfold and having some fun....
  • Favorite Part: My hips and thighs
  • Why Your Favorite?: Because I love my curves, they make me feel sexy and feminine
  • Biggest Fantasy: I love the thrill of playing with people in a public place/out in nature with the risk of getting caught. On this theme I've been wanting for a while to be taken to a sex/kink party to explore that world a bit more and my Dom has offered to take me to one soon so I'm hoping to get to organize that soon!
  • Last Sexual Experience: My latest sexual experience was with the Dom I've been seeing and we experimented with some shibari where he had me tied up and he teased and played with a vibrator and some impact play on the floor of his playroom on for a while before untying me and taking me to his bedroom for more fun.

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