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Ellie Zena


About Ellie Zena:

Age: 29

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Likes: Pole dancing, sketching, painting, exploring flower gardens and rainforests, swimming at the beach, thrill rides, adult cartoons (Bojack Horseman, Archer, Futurama, Love Death and Robots, Rick and Morty), reading horror stories, playing with my pet snake (albino python). stretching and the post workout feeling, sleeping-in (too much!), wine and sex - obviously!

Job: Escort

Sexiest Thing Ever Done: I can't pinpoint a single naughtiest thing. I have worn vibrating panties to dinner, I like getting off on the spa jets in the spa, I've snuck into a building site and had sex there, I love being bound in ropes and being forced to cum from a toy strapped to my pussy, I have had a lot of spoantnous sex in public bathrooms and once in a carpark. I really think the sexiest thing one can do is have good chemistry and give into the heat of a moment.

Favorite Part: My lips (both kinds). My curves. My back (it's bendy and strong). my hands. my stage presence. my eye colour, my height and my flexible legs.

Why Your Favorite?: I struggle with body dysmorphia and because of that I can easily find something to complain about concerning my body but these are parts of me that I have never found faults with and tend to remind me that not everything is doom and gloom and my negative feelings toward myself are only temporary.

Biggest Fantasy: I want to be in a gang bang. I want to be used and consensually objectified by everyone, I want people to take their turn using me for their sexual gratification. So hot. It gets me wet every time. Another of my fantasies is to entirely dom a woman. I want her on my knees, below me while I look down into her pleading eyes, I want to have my fun with her. I want to bind her legs, bend her over, eat her out, use wax, use paddles, use ice. I want to make hre quiver beneath me while I ride her into ecstasy.

Last Sexual Experience: Last night actually! Blindfolded and tied my partner up to a chair and tantalized them with ice and warm water, liquid chocolate, silk, chains and spanking. Then I strapped a toy to their body and masterbated while watching them be pleasured by this toy, before replacing the toy with myself. Playing a gentle dom really turns me on!

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Ellie is the kind of woman that I love to fuck. She has nice large natural boobs, a nice ass I would love to rub my cock on and real nice soft thighs. I certainly hope to see more of her.



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