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Luka & Nikki Silver


About Luka & Nikki Silver:

Age: (L) 25 (NS) 25

Astrological Sign: (L) Scorpio (NS) Leo, rar!

Likes: (L) Outdoors, adventures, travelling, dancing. (NS) Having fun with hairy friends and taking photos of it!

Job: (L) Horse whisperer (NS) Photographer

Sexiest Thing Ever Done: (L) Been tied up and fucked in public. (NS) A 3 day sexual affair in Mexico with a boy and a girl- we had bars over the bed and hung the girl up by her and I licked her clit while he fucked her from behind.

Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: (L) Snuck up to the tower of a fancy resort and fucked on the roof. (NS) Sucking my friends dick on a rooftop at a party with 20-30 people watching.

Favorite Part: (L) Hips and ass. (NS) My generous ass and hairy thighs.

Why Your Favorite?: (L) There’s plenty of meat to bite into. (NS) I like it when people grab it and kiss their way up to my hairy pussy, up my legs.

Biggest Fantasy: (L) To have a horse ranch with my lover where we work hard, get dirty and have plenty of sex in the wilderness. (NS) To keep living off of being sexy and unshaven and provide the same for my hairy friends!

Updates Featuring Luka & Nikki Silver

Feel The Love - Remastered

Featuring: Luka, Luka & Nikki Silver, Nikki Silver 17:43 | 2015-03-24 | 4 Comments | Rating: 8.6


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