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Pixie Faye


About Pixie Faye:

Age: 21

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Likes: Anything outside! Rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, festivaling.

Job: Outdoor Instuctor

Sexiest Thing Ever Done: At a festival once I performed a duo routine, where we stripped each other off, under neon lights until all that was left was body glitter, UV paint and our glowing circus props.

Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: When I was working as a cave guide, I once snuck into the company caves after dark to have sex under the canopy of glowworms. Never got caught!

Favorite Part: My Legs

Why Your Favorite?: I'm so grateful to have strong functioning legs that can carry me on countless adventures.

Biggest Fantasy: Running away on a real life dungeons and dragons campaign! Oh, you mean sexual fantasy? Having sex on the summit of a mountain would be AMAZING.

First Sexual Experience: We were both incredibly nervous so of course, drankway too much vodka out of my parents liquor cabinent and put on the first CD we could find. We made love to Mozart.

Last Sexual Experience: My long term boyfriend was going overseas and as a last hurrah/goodbye we hiked 2 hours up a remote alpine valley. We could be as loud as we wanted, no-one was around.

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Beautiful lady. Hope to watch her in a boy/girl/girl video...hint hint



Fascinating girl !!!



Would love to see rimming and anal action :O






I cannot get enough of this actress!!! My god the red hair and pig tails combination is enough to get me going!!! Lean and beautiful to match. Magnificent combination.



So sexy! Has anyone ever told you that you look like a red-headed Dua Lipa?



beautiful babe to dream night & day until to meet



absolute goddess. Love the fully natural look and anal hair.



A truly sexy babe! Hope to see a whole lots more of Pixie!

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