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Emberly & Fox - Get Wet

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November 20, 2022



Emberly and Fox are super cute! Venturing in the garden together, getting some flowers to press for later… Do they have the tools to press flowers? Maybe not conventionally! But large, juicy tits work, right?

After Emberly and Fox have had a ball squishing flowers between their sumptuous tits, both hot babes run a bath and discover a new purpose for these flowers and scatter them into the water before sliding in.

Fox and Emberly smooch, giggle and enjoy sharing a bath together. They always have such incredible sex, and the excitement from knowing what is certainly to go down gets blood rushing everywhere in their body. Everywhere.

Wet tits feel absolutely amazing as well. Normally boobs are soft to grab, but the water glistening off of their skin makes them even silkier to run their hands over. The same saucy rule applies to their pussies as well, that are now silkier with cum slipping out to coat their clits and labia between skin and water.

These two have a very hot time in the bath… so much so that you may need to cool off afterwards yourself.

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