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Emberly, Fawn & Fox - House Mates

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July 9, 2022



Emberly, Fox and Fawn are due for their house clean! Fawn rearranges a shelf, Fox works the vacuum and Emberly is putting some delicious new gold sheets on her bed. She enjoys the sensation of the sheet material.

Emberly runs the sheets over her body and calls Fox in for a feel. Fox lays themselves over Emberly and starts to passionately kiss her. Fawn, wondering what’s going on, comes in and is invited to join the hot action.

They slip out of their clothes and some pussy eating ensues, with Fox sitting on Emberly’s face while Fawn eats her out. Fawn slides over and her and Emberly begin scissoring, their pussies grinding into each other. Fox and Emberly eat Fawn out at the same time, sending her over the edge from such a sexy sensation.

It’s Emberly’s turn now! Fawn plays with her boobs, kissing her while Fox flicks their tongue over her clit while fingering her, leading to Emberly squirting A LOT. (Hot!)

Fox sits up at the edge of the bed while Emberly eats their pussy while Fawn plays with their tits, kissing them passionately working up to Fox screaming an orgasm.

Now that they've sorted themselves out, with a clear mind they can get back to their cleaning day!

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