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Dodi & Ginny - The Casting Couch

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December 10, 2021



After having sex on camera for the first time, Ella sits Dodi and Ginny down on the couch for a quick chat to find out what it was like for the two of them having sex with someone they had only just met.

It’s hard to keep their attention when the chemistry is this HOT! They begin to kiss and caress each other and just can’t seem to stop! Their CUNTS are aching for some attention and it’s not long before the PANTIES come off and the toys come out.

“How many people have made you SQUIRT?” asks Dodi, just after Ginny has unleashed a fountain of hot wet LADY CUM. We might not know the answer to that question, but we do know that we wish we could all be as lucky as Dodi, covered in Ginny’s JUICES!

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