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Amelia & Mimi - Glamping

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June 26, 2022



Amelia and Mimi are on an intimate glamping date in the Australian bush. Mimi is dressed in a silky little number. The preparation must be perfect, tonight has been on the cards for a long time. Amelia arrives and pulls berries out of her picnic basket, and coyly tells Mimi that they are an aphrodisiac. Mutual but unshared thoughts of how sexy they both look biting into those berries and chewing (alongside some of that aphrodisiac blood flow) takes things to another level.

Their patience hits its end and they move into each other for a deep passionate kiss, sliding off the straps to each other’s dresses. Amelia makes her way down Mimi’s neck with soft kisses. The sensation of her lips softly kissing teamed with her warm breath down Mimi’s neck and on her nipple sends her wild.

Mimi slides Amelia’s panties down while gazing at Amelia’s plump ready lips and lush pubes and spreads them a bit before leaning in to run her finger down between Amelia’s sensitive labia as Amelia lightly moans. Amelia slides over onto Mimi’s face. The sensation of Mimi flicking her warm tongue softly over Amelia’s clit feels so good her calves lift from the bed and toes curl as she breathes heavily and enjoys the waves of pleasure shooting throughout her whole body.

It’s Mimi’s turn to receive with her legs spread as Amelia gently kisses up her inner thigh. The tingling sensation builds as Amelia finally pushes the tip of her tongue against Mimi’s clit and gently licks up, causing Mimi to let out breaths of pleasure. Amelia’s eyes lock onto Mimi’s as she continues to flick her tongue. She grips Mimi’s thigh with one hand, and with the other, locks fingers with Mimi’s hand as Mimi continues to moan. Amelia moves onto her back, suggesting another treat in her little basket to Mimi, who pulls out a glass toy made up of bulbs and inserts it into Amelia’s pussy who grinds slightly against the toy while Mimi holds it, working into a shuddering orgasm. Her pussy is still sensitive as Mimi pulls it out and the two take a moment before indulging into some post sex snacking.

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