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About Ray:

Age: 27

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Likes: I like gardening, drawing, adventuring, trouble making and riding my bike.

Job: Activist!

Sexiest Thing Ever Done: I have had lots of sexy experiences but one of my hottest was a threesome with a stunning guy and girl that really stands out. It was cheeky and fun- we got asked to leave the hotel the next morning as we were too loud!!!

Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: I could tell you....but I don't want the police to find out ;)

Favorite Part: My big booty and my cheeky gap teeth

Why Your Favorite?: Because I have learned to own it!

Biggest Fantasy: A sexy pool party

First Sexual Experience: Thinking about my teenage sex grosses me out, haha, I much prefer the great sex I've had since an adult!

Last Sexual Experience: I had hot steamy sex with my lover all morning yesterday. I love being fucked with their junk in my mouth :)

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Ray your ass is Amazing I would love to see a vid with some doggy please


Roy J

I would love to see Ray and Steel go at it, pissing on each other, licking each others ass.



increidible big ass, hope you do a video with a lot of jiggle please



What I wouldn't give to see Ray in a boy/girl with a really hot guy. Ray is one of my favorite models. Love the natural look.



please a lot more of that beautiful booty



More of that ass!



More a55 jiggle it's amazing



Ray's gap tooth is so sexy



Please more of this beautiful round booty solo dancing and jiggling



More ass clapping¡¡¡ beautiful Ray big ass



Thank you , Ray!! Your body is about as perfect as a woman's body can be!! Since I'll NEVER get to actually touch that lovely body these videos and photos will have to do!! More videos wherein you show off that GORGEOUS ass of yours !!

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