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About Panda:

Age: 19

Astrological Sign: Leo

Likes: inging, painting, video games, reading, music. Really into rough sex (biting, tying up, choking etc)

Job: Gamer

Sexiest Thing Ever Done: Double penetration. It was exciting and adventurous.

Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: Had sex in a car with my gilfriend at 3 am parked outside my house!

Favorite Part: Collarbones

Why Your Favorite?: There's just something really sexy about them.

Biggest Fantasy: I've always wanted to make out with a girl while im dressed as Daria and she's dressed as Jane.

First Sexual Experience: It was slow, awkward, exciting.. so much touching.

Last Sexual Experience: I gave an amazing blow-job to my girlfriend (yes, she has a penis)

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Panda you are super hot & have an amazing body, i love your hair and your sexy tits



Something about Panda really arouses me. She's curvier than my type, but so damn sexy. I also love glasses, armpit hair, pale skin, bush so she hits all of those. More please.



Something about Panda really arouses me. She's curvier than my type, but so damn sexy. I also love glasses, armpit hair, pale skin, bush so she hits all of those. More please.



Panda you turn me on with your sexy body, luscious pussy and boobs I just want to suck on. Keep it coming!



Would Love to see you shave off your bushy pubes and then either make yourself squirt in a solo scene or see you made to squirt by another girl in a scene. Your so hot, i love your boobs, your curves and you do have a sexy ass



Panda, You turn me on. I am jealous of Zelder in Fluffy Onesies. I would love to be tasting and enjoying you.



Without a doubt my favorite among all the beautiful girls on this page. I love your face, your body, your skin, your natural style.



you are the so sweeti and nice Panda more films whit you Panda and you ara number one for me nice big tits more please.



Don't get your lovely red locks cut so short again x



Panda is a goddess



Panda, You are the best! I confess to having a crush on you, at this time. I wish I knew you for real. Love, Suzi



more films whit you Panda hop too see you back aign Big Fan of you



Hi would love to see panda and mikki go at it.

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