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Jette & Keilyn


About Jette & Keilyn:

Age: (J) 23 (K) 21

Astrological Sign: (J) Leo (K) Leo grrrrrrr

Likes: (J) Music and film (K) porn, stupid make-up and sex

Job: (J) Student (K) The apprentice

Sexiest Thing Ever Done: (J) Everything I do is pretty sexy! Ha-ha (K) Slept with a Dj in my bed while I had snot dripping out of my nose- Preeeeety sexy

Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: (J) Sex on a trampoline in the front yard (K) stolen about 20 g-strings. I wore them out of the shop- Ouch!

Favorite Part: (J) My butt (K) My little toe

Why Your Favorite?: (J) I love that it has some meat on it (K) because it’s sexy and I can wiggle it. Duh!

Biggest Fantasy: (J) I’d love to ride a tricycle- the devils threesome- with two boys and with all the attention on me. But they would have to kiss ECT. too (K) having a girl pee on me and Fucking a girl with a strap on- I don’t ask for much!

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