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Aeryn & Theo


About Aeryn & Theo:

Age: (A) 23 (T) 25

Astrological Sign: (A) Libra (T) Pisces (could not care less)

Likes: (A) Cuddling, gaming, reading, sexy times. (T) Dungeons and dragons, gender equality.

Job: (A) Clothes removal specialist! (T) IT sales

Sexiest Thing Ever Done: (A) Having sex in a park, people kept walking past and we’d have to hide in the bushes! (T) Is surely yet to come

Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: (A) Doing naughty nude shows on webcam with my housemates home or even in my room! (T) When I was in Japan (9 years ago) I was trying find and get into a strip club, ended up getting into a brothel by mistake! I was too shocked to do anything but leave.

Favorite Part: (A) Shoulder blades and neck. (T) Men: abs, women: butt.

Why Your Favorite?: (A) Nice and sleek, always feel nice when touched and you can always see them. (T) The tactile sensation (both)

Biggest Fantasy: (A) Harem! (T) I just want to have much more group sex, the more the merrier!

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