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About Molly:

Age: 26

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Likes: Singing, Playing Guitar, Red Wine, Traveling, Making porn!

Job: Assistant at Girls Out West!

Sexiest Thing Ever Done: Had an impromptu orgie with some friends while camping in the forest – then we went late night skinny dipping!

Naughtiest Thing Ever Done: Finger fucked my lover in the back of a taxi while on our way to a night out.

Favorite Part: Ass

Why Your Favorite?: It's soft and round and it feels nice when people spank it!

Biggest Fantasy: To be tied up and blindfolded and made to sit in anticipation with no idea when whoever tied me up is coming back to fuck me.

First Sexual Experience: It was lovely. With a very sweet guy in a cabin in the woods in France during a snowstorm. It was two days after my 18th birthday.

Last Sexual Experience: I had my lover sit on my face and ride me till she came in my mouth.

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Cassandra Lee & Molly - Interview

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Cassandra Lee & Molly - Just Do It pt2

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Cassandra Lee & Molly - Just Do It pt1

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Molly & Ray - BTS

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Molly & Ray - Pop pt2

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Molly & Ray - Pop pt1

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Molly - Wank

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Molly is a beauty and a star, and not only a crew member!!!



Love seeing Molly in front of the camera. She's sexy as hell and has the sweetest bush ever. Wish she had a bit of armpit hair ... Love to see her in a solo with lots of anal fingering ;)



Thank you, Molly. You are a dream!



Molly is fantastic. We need to see Molly & Rosie together again. You need to talk Molly into growing out her hair, Pits, Legs and Pussy, it would make her even more sexy than she already is.



Molly is very sexy. She's got the X factor for sure. Love her bum and legs, beautiful eyes as well. Please keep vids of her with other girls coming. Thanks in advance :)



I agree with EL too, the natural hairy route is even better. The prospect of bush on bush is why I came here to this site. Fantastic place indeed



Molly has a fantastic body, is incredibly naturally sexy, has not faint orgasms and obviously she particularly likes oral anal sex with other women. She should continue to perform this practice in a lot of movies for her pleasure and ours.



I love watching Molly. I dream about her with me.



I love watching Molly. I dream about her with me.



There is no model hotter than Molly on this site. It is not only her incredible combination of measured and abandoned fucking but her verbals and incredible ability to get her partner turned on but most of all I think it is for her fans that body -- the long legs and thighs, the fit muscular slim tautness and her incredibly sexy flat tits and hard nipples - I find those tits extremely sexy and her flat tummy - her cunt and asshole re the crowning glory Thank you Molly for your dedication



I don't discover any strapless dildo action on GOW Luv 2C Molly introduce this with her partners - UR management Molly so it is a request - u would look just so hot and cool wearing a strapless dildo to fuck



For me its that absolutely adorable face, those small but firm tits, and little nipples.



Absolutely Oscarms



In front of the camera or behind, Molly, Rosie & Steel always deliver the best porn on the entire internet! All three ladies are so sexy in different ways and all of them know how to fuck and have fun!



So great!!!



you see Molly in the background of every BTS video, but she is the real hot one.

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